Willow’s Self-Care Series Part I: What is Self-Care?

Hi all, Sophia here! I’m so excited to start sharing a whole blog series about a very near and dear topic: self-care! This can be just about any act that furthers your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing; from taking a luxurious bubble bath to filling your belly with a nutritious meal, to ending toxic relationships, breaking bad habits, or taking care of your beauty needs and feeling fabulous! So, let’s get started with a little introduction to our series with more in-depth and varied blogs to follow.

Every act of self-care we perform becomes embodied as an act of resistance against negative energy that can run us down and burn us out. Throughout our lives, we encounter various traumas, stresses, and uncertainties that test our resilience and strength. Taking care of ourselves is an integral part of a life-long process of healing from our past and building strength and resilience in the present and for the future. Self-care, tailored to your specific needs and values, can reduce the impact of stress. Taking “me” time, actively making decisions that further your happiness and success, and feeling confident and beautiful inside and out, is actually good for your health!

When life is hectic, and we are often faced with the obligation of caring for others (children, friends, aging family members, etc) it can be easy to put caring for ourselves on the back burner. When balancing the everyday stresses that work, family, relationships, and health can bring, a self-care routine is paramount to keeping our bodies and minds in check.

This year, I’m going to explore a new topic in self-care monthly on the Willow blog. My goal is to encourage everyone to indulge themselves in new acts of self-care, guilt-free. Your well-being matters!

Here at Willow, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch care to our clients, and encouraging them to incorporate it into their everyday life. I’m excited to see where this self-care journey takes us!
Throughout this blog series, here are some of the topics I plan to explore within self-care:

  • Working with affirmations
  • Grounding oneself in the five senses
  • Creating a personalized self-care toolkit
  • Why self-care is especially important for women
  • The Radical Notion of Self-Love

Feel free to share any and all of your thoughts, questions, and comments about this topic with us! And of course, if you have any particular areas of interest you’d like us to explore in an article, let us know!

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