What’s New with Yonka Skincare

Our signature product line, Yonka, is going through some exciting new changes and additions! We’ll be sure to share all the news with you as these changes take place but for now we’d like to introduce you to some NEW products from Yonka!

Time Resist Day – an anti-aging plant stem cell moisturizer for day time use. It is anti-wrinkle, protecting for daytime, hydrating (contains hyaluronic acid), smoothing & will restore tone.

Time Resist Night – an anti-aging plant stem cell moisturizer for night. While we sleep the skin goes into restoring mode. This cream will help that process by repairing & fighting damage from the day. It is nourishing and hydrating. Replenish & re-energize while you sleep!

Boosters are facial oils or serums that enhance the moisture level in the skin as well as treat specific skincare needs. These works in synergy with the appropriate moisturizer for your particular skincare concerns/conditions.

Defense + Booster – anti-oxidant, anti-pollution, improves dullness, and minimizes fine lines
Hydra + Booster – for very dry/dehydrated skin, improves roughness and discomfort caused by dry skin, increases radiance
Lift+ Booster – excellent for firming and re-energizing skin, improves tone, adds definition to facial & neck contours (great for post-weight loss)
Nutri + Booster – nourishes & revitalizes weakened or compromised skin, good for dull, dry skin

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