What Does it Mean to Treat Yourself?

You hear it all the time, “go ahead, treat yourself!” or “you deserve it!” But do you ever really consider how important it is to truly set aside time that is JUST for you?

Our lives are so full of responsibilities, chores, commitments, and activities. We are constantly on the go and we often feel tired, worn out, and lacking energy. Separating ourselves from all the hustle and bustle is so important to rejuvenate, unwind, and refocus. When you’re at your best mentally, emotionally, and physically you are much more capable of facing life head on and caring for those around you. So how do we ensure that we get this “me” time regularly?

Everyone’s lifestyle is different but most of us can isolate a few hours here and there that we can dedicate to ourselves. Schedule this time into your day or week like you would an appointment or a meeting. You will feel less guilty about it because you’ve planned your other activities and commitments around it. This time is reserved Just. For. You.

Choose how you will spend this time. Will it be curled up with a book or art project? An hour long yoga class, gym session, or meditation? Maybe it’s a relaxing bath with gentle music? Or perhaps, a walk in nature or through a favourite neighbourhood? It can even be as simple as watching a favourite Netflix series! Or visiting the spa! However you choose to spend this time make sure it’s spent doing what will make you most happy, calm, and relaxed! Disconnect from all the distractions and clutter of life and truly treat this time as your own.

When you take time for yourself you are putting your needs first – which is not a selfish act! As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Being able to appreciate your own needs is essential in order to recognize, and tend to, the needs of others. Make yourself a priority and watch as everyday stress starts to dissipate and your enjoyment of life increases.

Share with us how you like to spend down time! We’d love to hear from you.

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