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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many of us are eager to set the mood for love. We can add to the ambiance of any romantic moment through the powerful effect of scent. There are several essential oils that are known to have aphrodisiac effects. Named after the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, known as goddess of love, aphrodisiacs are substances that enhance or stimulate passion. Historically we see these concentrated oils used in love potions. In Egypt and Rome, bathing with essential oils was part of the ritual for making love. Historically, we see Queen Cleopatra of Egypt using essential oils for beauty and also to attract her lover, Marc Anthony. She scented her room with sultry aromas and filled her bedding and baths with rose petals.

These aphrodisiac oils do not have the same effect as a prescription drug might to create arousal. Instead, these oils help to dissipate emotional stress or alleviate physical ailments that would interfere with sexual arousal. When oils are used to decrease stress, anxiety and depression the mood is elevated and the body feels better.

Essential oils raise the libido when the scent inhaled reaches the limbic system in the brain. The limbic system is responsible for triggering emotional responses. These oils are also effective by raising the body temperature, and this increase in temperature triggers euphoric sensations. This is why spicy blends and essential oils are so fantastic.

Classically floral scents are known for the best results. Rose, jasmine and vanilla are renowned for creating a euphoric effect in women. Men often prefer spicier smells such as black pepper, patchouli or cardamom. Having a diffuser at home is a great way to experiment.

Other ways to indulge in these feel good aromas include making a sultry massage oil with your favorite vegetable oil base, or creating a sensual bath with flower petals. Or take a page from the book of Cleopatra and buy yourself a container of whole milk and add 15 drops of your favorite oil or blend. Any combination of these feel good oils will take your experience to the next level.

Amanda Crocker

Certified Aromatherapist

Registered Massage Therapist

Willow Esthetics Boutique

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