Pregnancy Massage – Relief & Relaxation for Mom-to-Be

Nothing highlights the magic of human life more than our ability to reproduce. The alchemical reaction that creates life is miraculous, and is often one of the most exciting times for a young family or new mom. Becoming a mom shows us how we can be ecstatically happy yet miserable at the same time. There are so many changes that happen to the body: swelling occurs where there previously was no swelling, some women find they have nausea for the first few weeks, and heartburn for the last few.

It is important that the mom-to-be find ways to take care of herself. This includes healthy diet, and balancing appropriate amount of rest with stretching and strengthening. Even when you follow all the rules, sometimes you still end up feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable during your pregnancy.

Even before the baby is born you need to have a good support system. For many this includes good friends, family, and having a doula or midwife. Yet an often overlooked person to have by your side is your massage therapist. While it is important to check with your doctor prior to seeking out massage therapy, there are so many benefits you can receive by having  regular massage during pregnancy.

Pregnancy exacerbates any pre-pregnancy conditions, so dealing with those postural and repetitive strains is a great place to start. Therapy for pregnancy is recommended primarily to alleviate pain or discomfort. Once the hormone relaxin begins to work on the joints and ligaments in the body often there are signs of nerve compression. Massage is effective at dealing with pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome, and pseudo sciatic nerve compression. Your massage will also promote good circulation and drainage for edema. Imagine relief for your swollen feet!

As you continue through to your third trimester, massage can help to relieve muscles between your ribs and in your pectorals and neck. So, your Pecs and neck are often working overtime. As the baby expands it is no longer possible to breathe deeply through the diaphragm. Think breathing for two!

Not only can massage be relieving of so many aches and pains in the body, but it can also be seen as a luxury. Imagine an hour where you get to lie on your stomach comfortably, enjoy a quiet atmosphere, and be pampered. These massages help many a new mom to enjoy the changes happening to the body while helping with relaxation. Think of it as a spa day for two.

Amanda Crocker

Registered Massage Therapist

Willow Esthetics Boutique

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