Start 2018 Right by Taking Care of YOU!

Here’s a resolution we should all have on our minds for 2018: self-care! We talk about this a lot at Willow, but what do we really mean? Self-care is the art of mindfully prioritizing your personal well-being. This can manifest in SO many ways so we are looking forward to bringing you a blog series all about self-care to help you get the most out of life. For now, we want to share some of our favourite ways to practice self-care in our own neighbourhood!

  1. Have a float at the Floatation Centre. The Floatation Centre is home to Atlantic Canada’s only sensory deprivation tanks. These salt-filled pools are a destination for wellness, meditation, and self-reflection – sure to bring the wellness & calmness you need after the holidays!
  2. Enjoy a night out at Bar Kismet. A bumping new spot in Halifax’s North End! Bar Kismet is a primarily seafood restaurant and cocktail bar. Treat yourself to a night away from the kitchen over one of their delightfully named cocktails such as “Stranger Than Fig-Gin”.
  3. Take a class at RIO. Our neighbourhood yoga & pilates studio is a cozy community where you can strengthen your body as well as your mind. This studio aims to challenge the status quo of workout classes and brings a fresh new flavor to the industry. NEWLY opened is their sister studio, ROGUE. You can find more upbeat workouts at this gym such as kickboxing, TRX, and circuit training. Let’s face it, self-care starts with taking care of your body.
  4. Sip a pint (& read?) at Good Robot. Our neighbours over at Good Robot are serving up local craft beer with a smile and wicked sense of humour! These guys are all about good times and you can feel the vibe as soon as you walk in. There’s lots of theme nights to enjoy but one of the coolest has to be Silent Reading. Bring your book, grab a pint, and enjoy a quiet night out.
  5. Grab some healthy groceries at Foxhill Market. We were thrilled when Foxhill Cheese House moved in next door and brought with them a FRESH produce, dairy, and meat market! Cook inspired, healthy meals with local ingredients after your next visit to Foxhill.
  6. Stretch & strengthen at Synergy PhysioPilates. The women across the hall from Willow at Synergy are not only the best neighbours ever but they are also experts in physiotherapy, pelvic health physio, and physiopilates. We highly recommend a visit to Synergy if you are dealing with any injuries, pain, or are looking to strengthen during pre/post pregnancy.
  7. Relax at Willow. Our final self-care recommendation is to make time for yourself at Willow! A spa treatment will help you relax, unwind, and enhance your natural beauty. It’s a chance for you to let go & allow someone else to take care of your needs.
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