Crystal Uses for Every Day

For present and future rock collectors, these shiny crystals are more than just something sparkly used in decoration and jewellery. Crystals are all uniquely different in size, shape, color and formation. Only your own intuition can guide you to the pieces that will resonate best with you. Take notice, when you receive a stone as […]

Willow’s 6 Must-Have Products for Spring

The milder weather is settling in, the snow is melted, and the promise of summer is so close we can taste it! To ensure you’re prepped and primped for the sunny days ahead we’ve compiled a list of our 6 must-have products for this magical time of year. SPF. Okay, we admit, this is on […]

Committing to the Environment with Eco-Friendly Practices

Earth Day is a celebration of our planet & a reminder to us all to do our part to protect this precious place. On April 22nd (and every day!) we encourage you to reflect on your own ecological impact & think of ways you can help protect & nurture the environment. This year’s theme for […]

Five Reasons to Choose Reiki Massage

Why should you choose Reiki Massage? Reiki is a Japanese style of healing which involves light pressure touching. There are many reasons to incorporate this healing art into your regimen of self-care. This treatment is natural and safe, and there are no negative side effects. Here are some ways to enhance your well-being using Reiki. […]

How Crystals Make You Feel Better

Collecting rocks has been a hobby of mine since I was old enough to stroll down the beach. Instinctively as a child I knew that each stone collected was truly a unique gift from the Earth. Some things never change and now as an adult my collection has grown and changed over the years. Until […]

spa experience

How to Get the Most out of your Spa Experience

A trip to the spa is meant to be an experience. Something out of the ordinary. A break from real life demands. In recent years, spa trends have really changed and we are seeing more and more guests visiting for quick, maintenance services as opposed to whole spa packages or afternoons spent relaxing. But just […]

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