Why I Love Reiki

Remember being a kid and knowing that the world was full of magic? That there were fairies in the forest, angels above the clouds, and mermaids in the sea? We all began life with this innocence and this connection to Universal energy. As we got older some of us came to know these magical impressions […]

Happiness – Jennifer van Kessel

Happiness. It’s what everyone wants. Right? More of it, more often. In my practice as a psychotherapist, it’s the thing I am asked for more than anything else. Human beings are quite pre-occupied with happiness. We spend enormous amounts of time and money pursuing our own happiness. I am not an economist, but I’d be […]

Get Your Food Glow On! – Wendy McCallum

If you want a vibrant glow, you need to feed that glow from the inside out. The very best way to do that is to adopt a real-food based diet (the stuff that lives and grows in nature), rich in plants and as varied as possible; which will ensure you are taking in not only […]

Hangover Remedies using Essential Oils

During the month of March some of us make it a tradition to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. This ‘holiday’ has taken on different meanings over the years, from its original  story of converting the pagans to modern day. This is a holiday that observes Irish culture. Many will be invited to attend Irish themed parties […]

A Journey to Womanhood – Dr. Rohini Bannerjee

According to Simone de Beauvoir, 20th century French writer, “One is not born a woman, but becomes one.” To become, that is to grow into womanhood, involves allowing the journey its bumps and valleys, its curves and straight lines. With the right pair of shoes (preferably hot pink heels…), that journey of maturity and transformation […]

Raising Your Energy – Dr. Dena Churchill

Low energy usually indicates we are being taxed in some way. Physical, mental and chemical stresses deplete your vitality reserves that over time lead to depression, disease, and deterioration. How can we increase our energy vibration and why is now the time to do it? A story about a vibrator awaits you…  Imagine your washing machine is […]

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