Willow’s Top Must-Have Summer Products

Summer is such a wonderful, refreshing time of year! As we strip away those winter layers and indulge in outdoor activities and vacations, our skin & bodies’ needs change as well. We’ve put together a list of our MUST-HAVE summer products to help you get the most out of the season without completely abandoning your wellness plan.

  1. Tizo Mineral Sunscreen: Sunscreen. Every. Day. Tizo makes it easy to stay protected by offering instant sun protection through it’s physical (as opposed to chemical) formula. Not only is it top-notch for protection but it also feels like a silky dream on the skin! It won’t clog pores or increase oiliness, and is available in a tinted formulation to give you a little colour. We recommend saving this wonder-product for the face & using something else for all over.
  2. Powder-Me SPF: Again, a sunscreen! This product from Jane Iredale is a powder-based mineral sunscreen. It is also a physical sunblock which means you are protected as soon as you have applied it. This product is GREAT for using in your hairline, on the face, shoulders, and chest. We love it for those outdoor summer events where a full sunscreen application may mess up or stain clothing.
  3. Lip Drink: We can’t forget about our lips! Jane Iredale Lip Drink is suuuuuper hydrating for dry lips & also offers sun protection. Bring this with you for all your outdoor summer activities from hiking, to swimming, to golfing, or gardening.
  4. Bend Anti-Aging Formula: Bend omega-3 supplement will help keep your skin hydrated, firm, and free of redness/inflammation. By treating the skin from the inside out we are able to improve the skin climate and protect against free radical damage. Bend is also clinically proven to provide sun protection giving you even more security for sun exposure!
  5. LoveFresh Natural Deodorant: We’re usually perspiring a lot more in the summer and regular deodorant applications are necessary! Why not use one that is chemical-free & will actually work?! We love LoveFresh Natural Deodorant for keeping us protected & smelling sweet while offering peace of mind that we’re using something safe for this delicate area.
  6. Yonka Defense + Booster: This brand new serum or “booster” from Yonka is ideal for protecting the skin from environmental damage and pollution. Layer under your moisturizer to help keep the skin glowing & healthy.
  7. Footlogix Mousse: It’s flip flop season! But did you know that life in bare feet can cause dryness, sweating, or fungal infections? The appropriate Footlogix mousse for your particular footcare concerns will help balance the moisture level in your feet, keep them feeling soft & smooth, and prevent fungus.
  8. One Love Organics Skin Saviour Balm: If you’re doing any travelling this summer you know that less is more! Try the ultimate in multi-use products: Skin Saviour, to cleanse, and hydrate the skin. This can also be used in the hair to tame fly-aways, on blemishes or bites as a spot treatment to reduce inflammation, or as a great treatment for redness & sensitive skin.
  9. Renaissance Glove: You’re bound to build up some extra dead skin during the summer so keep your skin feeling smooth & silky by exfoliating regularly! The Renaissance glove can be used all over (except for the face) in the shower to gently slough off dead skin. Use a few times a week & follow up with hydrating body lotion to have the softest skin ever! Plus: it can go in the washing machine!
  10. Epsom Salts: If you’re getting outdoors to do some physical activity then you are likely feeling the ache of tired and sore muscles. Help reduce the inflammation with an Epsom salt soak! This is a great way to ease any muscle pain to keep your body functioning at its best!

You’ve read our list now it’s time to let us know what YOUR favourite summer products are! We’d love to hear from you.

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