Masque No. 1

My Love for Masque No. 1

As the weather gets colder, our skin’s needs often change from what they were during the warm, humid months. The fall and winter become more crisp and cool and, therefore, more drying to the skin. One of my favourite products to protect the skin from dryness is Yonka’s Masque No. 1. The Masque No. 1 contains many hydrating ingredients such as; imperative cylindrica, aloe vera, sodium PCA, jojoba and sandalwood. It also contains ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, and barley to smooth and repair the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Ingredients such as vitamin E and C as well as bacopa monniera give this beautiful masque a wonderful “anti-aging” property. Masque No. 1 contains time-release technology:  the longer you leave it on, the more hydrated you will be! The results are amazing; leaving it on overnight will maximize your skin’s comfort and hydration. If you’re finding your skin is extremely dehydrated, after a long trip, in the dead of winter or after an illness, you may use this as your night cream until you are feeling more hydrated.

The popularity and efficacy of Masque No. 1 led Yonka to create an entire No. 1 line for those who need more hydration in their day-to-day skincare regime. If  you’re struggling to find the right balance of hydration for your oily skin type, the Hydra No. 1 Fluide is for you. This product is hydrating and mattifying – perfect for those who are concerned with skin becoming “oily” or “greasy” throughout the day. This product is proven to increase the hydration levels of your skin by 110% immediately and an additional 59% after 8 hours.

The Hydra No. 1 Cream is excellent for those who have a dry/dehydrated skin type (lacking oil & water). This moisturizer is an intense long-lasting boost of hydration as well as extremely repairing for the skin. Proven to increase your hydration levels by 138% immediately and an additional 86% after 8 hours.

If these products still do not offer your skin enough hydration (maybe throughout the driest months or during a long stay in the hospital or possibly from genetics), the Hydra No. 1 Serum is a great option: giving your skin a long-lasting boost of moisture, this creamy gel is perfect for hydration emergencies. The Hydra No. 1 Serum can be applied and layered under any moisturizer to provide that extra boost of hydration. For optimal hydration, layer under the Hydra No. 1 Cream (boosting the hydration level of your skin by 144% immediately and an additional 102% after 8 hours) or the Hydra N 1 Fluide (boosting the hydration levels of your skin by 122% immediately and an additional 76% after 8 hours.

Don’t let dry, dull skin bring you down this winter. Stay hydrated, and glowing with Yonka!

Michelle d’Entremont, Clinical Esthetician

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