Healthy Feet All Year Long

Taking care of your feet is important all year round – not just during sandal season! As the foundation of our bodies, our feet have an important job to do and can easily become worn down. The health of our feet is dependent upon the footwear we regularly choose, the type and amount of activity we do on our feet, and our own personal health. Regular pedicures can address many concerns you have with your feet or help maintain already healthy feet. Pedicures improve circulation, reduce callus buildup and can reduce the occurrence of ingrown toenails. It is also an opportunity for a professional to thoroughly examine your feet and provide you with proper homecare recommendations and follow up treatments.

Footcare is especially important for those with diabetes because they are more prone to infection. Loss of sensation due to nerve damage is also common among diabetics which can cause cuts and sores to go unnoticed and therefore untreated. This increases the risk of infection which can lead to more serious problems. Diabetics also suffer from loss of moisture in the feet which can lead to dryness and cracking. Using a hydrating product such as Footlogix will help to keep moisture in the skin and prevent a range of issues that may arise. We look forward to helping you maintain, protect, and treat your feet!

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