Happy, Healthy, & Glowing Skin All Summer Long

There’s so much to love about the summer – especially living on the East Coast where our warm weather days are short-lived. We take every chance we can get to go outside and soak up every last drop of sunshine and warmth. As wonderful as this time of year is, it also can be detrimental to your skincare & health goals – particularly when it comes to sun exposure! Here’s a few ways you can be mindful during the summer to keep you living your best and brightest life when the days are warm!

  1. Limit sun exposure – We all want to be outside as much as possible but try to limit the number of hours you spend in direct sunlight. Sit in the shade, avoid peak sunshine hours (mid-day), and keep covered with a hat & protective clothing.
  2. Wear sunscreen – All day, every day! Apply your sunscreen first thing in the morning and make it a habit. Re-apply every few hours especially if you are outdoors, swimming, or perspiring. Practicing sun safety will prevent the appearance of age spots/hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and even more importantly it will prevent serious DNA damage and skin cancer.
  3. Switch up your skincare routine – Usually our skin is much oilier during the summer as the humidity is increased. Most of us need to switch to a lighter moisturizer when the weather is warmer to avoid overly oily skin & congested pores.
  4. Eat right – It’s easy to slip into a pattern of BBQ foods day after day. Make sure you are still getting lots of fruits and veggies in especially considering the abundance of local produce that is available this time of year. When you’re eating right your skin naturally glows!
  5. Build in exercise – Don’t let your fitness goals slip in the summer! Instead, maintain a healthy balance by partaking in your usual favourite activities or try some new outdoor-themed ones! Swimming, hiking, tennis, and golf are all great ways to stay active while still enjoying the weather.
  6. Keep essential oils on hand – Essential oils are life-savers for summer-time woes. Treat everything from burns to bites with natural plant essences.
  7. Hydrate – Between perspiring and prolonged sun exposure we lose lots of water in the summer. This can lead to headaches, heat stroke, and fatigue – not to mention dull, and dry skin! Drink lots of water all day to keep yourself happily hydrated & be sure to drink a bit extra when you are doing outdoor activities.
  8. Practice Self-care – It can be easy in the summer to agree to every BBQ, party, and day trip. As fun as it can be to fit it all in remember to take the time YOU need for yourself to do the things that make you happiest & most care-free. Remember that it’s okay to put yourself & your needs first!
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