Valentine’s Day: Not Just for Lovers…It’s for Everyone!

Valentine’s Day: a holiday that is either loved or hated. The cynic in us calls it a made up day that tricks consumers into extravagant purchases of chocolate, flowers, dinners, and gifts. Sometimes it’s touted as a day where couples can flaunt their love and happiness and singles hide out at home watching Netflix and counting down the minutes until it’s over. Whatever happened to our elementary school days when EVERYONE traded homemade and cartoon themed Valentines while our teachers let us eat candy hearts and chocolates? When did we stop treating Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate ALL forms of love and friendship? Maybe it’s time we stopped putting so much pressure on ourselves and embrace Valentine’s Day for all that it can be. We’ve put together a list of awesome Valentine’s Day activities that can help us all celebrate and enjoy some time connecting with one another.

  1. Plan a girls night in. We like to call this celebration “Galentines Day”: a great opportunity to gather your girlfriends for a night of snacks, wine, trashy TV or movies, and of course comfy pants.
  2. Arts & Crafts. Who doesn’t love to let their creative juices flow? Whether alone or in a group this activity is a great chance to channel your inner child and do something different. Maybe you’ll make Valentine’s cards, paint a picture, or colour in an adult colouring book – the possibilities are endless!
  3. Dine Around. Every February select Halifax restaurants offer fixed price menus giving you occasion to try out a place you’ve never been or visit an old favourite at a great price. Best served with the company of loved ones.
  4. Clay Cafe.  Why not take a niece or nephew to paint their own piece of pottery for an afternoon? Hours of fun at an affordable price.
  5. Visit a beach or park. Take your favourite furry and/or un-furry friend(s) for a relaxing stroll among nature. Connecting with the outdoors and breathing in some fresh air does wonders for the mood.
  6. Take a fitness class. Grab a friend and try a new class or visit a new spot. We love Rio for their varied classes and cozy atmosphere.
  7. Skate the Oval. One of the coolest places to visit in Halifax is the Emera Oval. Free to skate during the week and weekends.
  8. Get in the kitchen. Baking, cooking, making a mess  – whatever it may be – spending time with a loved one in the kitchen is a great way to connect and try out a delicious new recipe. We love the recipes from Simple Balance that are kid-friendly to make and enjoy!
  9. Write a letter or make a phone call. Connect with friends and family who are far away. Just letting someone know you’re thinking about them can be so meaningful.
  10. Pamper yourself! Take some time for yourself to appreciate how wonderful you truly are. Enjoy a luxurious bubble bath, have your hair done, or treat yourself to a spa day – you’re worth it!

Sarah Warren

Guest Services Coordinator

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