Five Reasons to Choose Reiki Massage

Why should you choose Reiki Massage?

Reiki is a Japanese style of healing which involves light pressure touching. There are many reasons to incorporate this healing art into your regimen of self-care. This treatment is natural and safe, and there are no negative side effects. Here are some ways to enhance your well-being using Reiki.

1) Increase of energy levels
The most common reason for booking a Reiki treatment is to increase energy. It’s very common in today’s society for people to work to a place of burn out. Suddenly the hours that used to feel manageable become overwhelming. With Reiki, this “laying on of hands” practice feels very revitalizing. Universal energy is channeled wherever it needs to go to help balance mind, body and spirit.

2) Relieves stress and anxiety
Just as meditation can be effective to help decrease daily stress, Reiki creates a similar environment. As the client receives warming healing energy, it may be noted that their breathing calms. For those who are continually analyzing and over-thinking, Reiki is a great practice to allow for a time to work on quieting those unnecessary thoughts. Getting into the present moment with Reiki helps to build personal power.

3) Aids better sleep
It’s not uncommon for people to even drift off for a moment on the treatment table. Reiki promotes healing dreams. Try a session and notice improvement in the quality of the sleep you receive after treatment.

4) Great for people who cannot withstand the pressure of massage
In many instances managing pain can be harder if the client’s condition will not allow for any manual therapies. For those with chronic pain, nerve impingement, or concussion, Reiki allows gentle touch or effects from indirect pressure to relax the muscles and help to decrease pain. When treating the fascia creates more than discomfort, Reiki is another tool a therapist can use to always create a beneficial effect.

5) Promotes emotional &  spiritual growth
Reiki is not just a treatment that you go to a spa to receive. It is a lifestyle following the principles of Reiki. These principles are about bringing harmony and respect to all living things. Reiki practitioners practice self-treatment and gratitude. Since Reiki itself is known as spiritually guided life force energy, often people feel more connected to the Universe or God. There is no dogma with Reiki, yet when one commits to living a Reiki lifestyle they are more easily able to let go of emotional and mental blockages. This healing is felt in a Divine way for many practitioners.

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