Willow’s Self-Care Series Pt. IV: Building a Self-Care Toolkit

Building Your Self-Care Toolkit Everyone should have their own self-care toolkit! It can be physical, mental, digital, or a combination of those things. Here’s what I’ve got in mine; I hope it can inspire you to gather your own. Tangible items in my Self-Care Toolkit: A journal with a habit tracker. I try to take […]

Travel products

Willow’s Travel Must-Have Products

Travelling south this winter or spring? While most of us are trying to pack lighter these days, there are a few essentials we recommend bringing along to help you look & feel your best! Sunscreen. This is a pretty obvious one! We definitely recommend bringing your favourite & most trusted sunscreen with you for your […]

self-care & women

Willow’s Self-Care Series Pt. III: Women & Care

Why is self-care especially important for women? As the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th approaches, I’m going to discuss the importance of self-care for women in this week’s blog entry! In the last hundred or so years, women’s societal roles and expectations have radically shifted. As we became legally recognized as persons […]

Improving Heart Health with Dawn Baker, RHN

February is Heart Health Month; how are you taking care of your heart? Cardiovascular disease affects approximately 2.4 million Canadian adults. There are many ways in which we can have a positive impact on our heart health to help reduce our risk of heart disease. Here are some helpful tips on how you can take […]

Willow’s Self-Care Series Part II: Pal-entine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, Celebrate Pal-entine’s Day! ? Valentine’s day is fast approaching. This week’s self-care article is about Gal-entine’s Day (or Pal-entine’s day)! In this entry, I hope to explore the most wonderful kind of romance of all: friendship! While romantic partnerships take the spotlight on this holiday, and couples indulge in romantic gestures, gift-giving, […]

Willow’s Self-Care Series Part I: What is Self-Care?

Hi all, Sophia here! I’m so excited to start sharing a whole blog series about a very near and dear topic: self-care! This can be just about any act that furthers your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing; from taking a luxurious bubble bath to filling your belly with a nutritious meal, to ending toxic relationships, […]

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